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Many elements contribute to successful cost control, including accurate estimating, value engineering, methodical management, minimizing change orders, and diligent cost measurement during construction.

Debbie Martin, as Adroit’s Controller, brings 28 years of construction accounting experience to the table. She has been with Adroit for over 25 years and is responsible for all cost accounting, cost reports and billings. She can track all financial details of a project from the estimate to the certificate of completion.

We know that our efficient infrastructure helps to deliver value to our clients. Debbie plays a big role in that infrastructure. Some of Debbie’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Payment applications designed to show original contract budget, bid package changes, work in place, work to date, and balance to finish values. Each and every cost is accounted for with copies provided for client’s control.
  • Monthly audit of original and revised estimated costs compared to actual expenditures.
  • Subcontractor status.
  • Subcontract or purchase order status.
  • Current liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies and contractor license status of all subcontractors throughout the entire project.
  • Lien releases with each progress payment.
  • Subcontractor ledger of contract amounts, contract changes, billings, payments, retention and balance to finish costs.

Unlike some competitors, Adroit invests considerable effort into cost estimating. Our proven, comprehensive approach focuses on two key factors: 1) complete and accurate quantity take-off’s; 2) maintaining a competitive, yet highly qualified, subcontractor base; and 3) Adroit maintains detailed cost histories from previous projects to leverage as an experience tool for each new project.

While often undervalued by some contractors, quantity take-off is an essential tool in our estimating process. Performing take-off’s not only gives a clear picture of the work conveyed in the plans, it can also reveal potential problems or omissions with the drawings. These issues can then be addressed by the project team before problems occur. In addition to providing competitive pricing, quantity take-off also makes reconciling various estimates for owners very simple. As cost estimates change with changes in scope, we’re able to provide owners with precise documentation as to the change effects.

While we attribute much of our estimating success to quantity take-off’s, we also recognize that having competitive, reliable subcontractor resources greatly enhances our ability to provide competitively priced projects. Our subcontracting policies have resulted in long-term relationships dating back to the very early years of our history. Subcontractors expect to meet our high standards and they respect the trust we’ve earned from owners. The result: costs are controlled by a reliable and professional labor force delivering on time and on — or below — budget.