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Adroit’s commitment to our environment and LEED certified buildings

Adroit Construction recognizes that all the resources used to produce products for our customers are derived from the planets natural environment. We understand that a link exists between a healthy, sustainable-managed, forest ecosystem and our growing need for building materials. We are also aware of the impact construction site activities can have on our immediate surroundings. These beliefs are reinforced by a firm understanding that our current actions impact the environment we leave behind for future generations. Adroit Construction Company is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to promoting sustainable business practices.


  • Utilizing properly sized lumber at specific locations to minimize waste.
  • Separation of refuse materials to facilitate recycling.
  • Implementing and maintaining proper erosion control plans.
  • Alternative fuels on selected equipment for use in sensitive locations.
  • Preventative equipment maintenance plan to keep equipment at optimum efficiency.
  • Specific plans for handling potentially hazardous materials.
  • Recycling of wood materials and detailed reuse planning.

Adroit is continually searching for new and effective ways to fulfill our responsibility to act as a steward of the environment. We’re meeting this responsibility in many ways, yet we will not be satisfied with zero improvement. We will continue to look to apply our past experience as an environmentally conscious builder, and at the same time, expect to make additional strides in “Green Construction” practices.


“Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”

Adroit currently has two LEED Accredited employees. In addition, Adroit built a LEED Accredited Project for a $17 million project in Medford, a unique collaboration between Southern Oregon University and Rogue Community College.

We are exceeding the LEED Requirement for the SOU/RCC project have acquired enough points for a Platinum Certification.