Adroit’s commitment to safety begins with our belief that all injuries are preventable, and we will not accept anything short of our zero injury goal. Our safety program is coordinated by our full time Safety Director, Josh Johnson. Adroit’s safety program includes these elements:

  • Each new project starts with a preconstruction job safety analysis involving Superintendent, Safety Director and major subcontractors.
  • Tool Box Safety Meetings held on every project, every week, are used as a training and coordination tool for all construction personnel on the project site.
  • Adroit believes in strict enforcement of all OSHA rules. Personal protective equipment, including hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, appropriate clothing and footwear are required.
  • Safety compliance inspections are conducted at least monthly on all projects, with a formal written inspection every quarter. Inspections performed by Safety Director or Safety Committee.
  • All new employees hired by Adroit since 2003 must pass a medical exam, physical testing for strength and agility, random drug screening, and eight hours of safety training before their first day on the project site.
  • Adroit has the training and equipment to perform work in contained environments, allowing us to perform renovations in occupied parts of hospitals and clinics, as well as perform lead and mold abatements.

Josh understands the value of safety for each laborer on a jobsite, and he understands the value for owners and Adroit. Josh stays on the leading edge of new safety policies and procedures to help ensure a successful project.