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The term Value Engineering indicates an organized process for identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs in a project. The term originated from necessity as “the mother of invention” during WWII at General Electric. What began as desperation to save money with limited resources became a systematic process widely used in today’s construction industry.

Adroit applies consistent Value Engineering techniques to scrutinize key design elements. We look for creative and reliable alternatives to improve overall cost-effectiveness. We apply our extensive technical knowledge of materials and methods to three components of our process:

  • Functional Analysis
  • Alternatives Review
  • Cost optimization

During Value Engineering, we work closely with the architect to ensure aesthetic and functional intentions of the design specifications. This process also helps maintain cohesion between the architect’s vision and the owner’s budget.

When applying Value Engineering techniques, an “or equal” suggestion to “save money” up front may or may not result in lasting value. We consider the complexity of each situation before making final recommendations. The goal is to provide truly equal quality at a reduced cost whenever viable. With every decision, we ensure the facility’s long term integrity.

Value Engineering Examples
Ashland Fire Station: $160,000 savings.

Talent Fire Station: $235,000 savings.

SOU Madrone Street Student Housing: $475,000 savings.